Pizza Dough

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This recipe is dedicated to helping you make the best possible pizza dough for Neapolitan pizza. — Pizza Dough

I found the Pizza Dough recipe or rather the instructions some time ago and now it is finally time to ‘build’ the dough. Somehow I like recipes that are described like a building instruction more interesting than regular recipes. Of course I have the book Cooking for Geeks, and I should try to make much more from it … and blog about it - but don’t worry, this will not be a food blog.

24 hours before the first step … 48 hours until the result

First of all I need the ingredients for the dough, for this there is a calculator.

4x pizzas of 220g:

  • flour 526.95g
  • water 342.51g
  • salt 10.54g
  • dry yeast 0.26g (fresh yeast 0.79g) … yes, these numbers are correct

Everything is at home, except the flour, which requires a lot of protein. I had no problem finding flour, which can be a problem 🐹 these days. The flour has 12g of protein per 100g.


Day 1 — 24 hours until pizza

Let’s start:

  • mix all the ingredients
  • watch the video how to stretch and fold
  • 0:30 first time stretch and fold
  • 1:00 2nd stretch and fold


  • 1:30 and 2:00 stretch and fold
  • finally for today after 2.5 hours:

stretch and fold - day 1

to be continued … see part 2