Apple Music: Mondkopf — Rising Doom

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People were saying that I always had my head in the clouds […] and that I wasn’t able to concentrate. I finally came up with this german word (« Mondkopf » literally meaning « moon head »), I thought it sounded good and so I kept it. — Wikipedia: Mondkopf

Apple Music recommended the album Rising Doom by Mondkopf today. I don’t know if I’ve ever listend to Mondkopf, but since it’s electronic, it fits. What surprised me was the title of the album, because I wrote about Doom yesterday. Is this the reason why Apple recommends it to me? But this would be like Machine Learning recognizing the picture by the name of the picture (e.g. elephant1920.jpg).

The recommendation is far too good for that. The track “Sweet Memories” sticks in a loop and therefore I haven’t listened 🎧 to the other songs more intensively yet. But what I have heard sounds good.

You can find out more about Mondkopf at: