AoC - Advent of Code 2019

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Advent of Code is an Advent calendar of small programming puzzles for a variety of skill sets and skill levels that can be solved in any programming language you like. – Advent of Code: About

I heard about Advent of Code (AoC) for the first time this year through a tweet from @Sygyzmundovych. The AoC 2019 ran already 5 days. I sat down to catch up the first days and I managed this over the weekend. However, a cold came in between, so I only made it to the 9th day.

As programming language I used Python with Jupyter notebooks and numpy and pandas. I have uploaded the result on GitHub: choas/aoc2019

The AoC is initiated by Eric Wastl since 2015. This year the challenges are about a journey with a spacecraft 🚀 through universe. The challenges are fun and you even develop an own programming language. Since it is touring complete, the AoC challenges could also be solved with this language.

anthonywritescode uses different programming languages to solve the tasks, also intcode. He streams live how he proceeds with the individual challenges. I saw when he started with Lua. It was interesting to see how he first installed Lua and learned the language before solving the challenge. Note: I think the idea to integrate Lua into iOS was influenced by this.

In 2020 I will start on the first day, and I also like the idea to use different programming languages.

I 🖤 programming languages.