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Create useful .gitignore files for your project —

Every time I create a new project and want to commit the first files, I see files I don’t want in the git repository. Either the .DS_Store file, node_modules or any other file. So I search for .gitignore at DuckDuckGo, and end up at and then think “Why do I always search?”. Therefore, I decided to write this blog post and hopefully next time I’ll think about

gi CLI

Because I run oh-my-zsh in my zsh shell, I already have gi in the CLI and even with code completion:

gi xcode swift >> .gitignore

To get a list of the possible entries just call gi list. When you call which gi you can see what gi does. It runs curl on the page:

gi () {
  curl -fLw '\n'"${(j:,:)@}"


Before you either commit everything on the first commit, or just check in a few files and maybe miss a few others, or gi offers the ability to build the .gitignore file depending on the programming language, development environment and operating system.

Let’s see, if I remember gi in the future 🔮.