irssi on Raspberry Pi with Docker

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Irssi is a modular chat client that is most commonly known for its text mode user interface, but 80% of the code isn’t text mode specific. Irssi comes with IRC support built in, and there are third party […] protocol modules available. — Github: irssi

Currently all chat and conference tools are used. Time to reactivate irssi. I have a Raspberry Pi in my network and therefore it would be ideal to be always online. I don’t know how old this Raspberry Pi image is and therefore only an old irssi version is installed.

I could update the Raspberry Pi, create a new image or use Docker. The first two options could also be combined with Docker, so I skip them and just install Docker on this old image:

curl -fsSL | sh - && \
usermod -aG docker pi

Download Docker, install it and add the docker group to the pi user. This takes some time, so I run screen, in case my host goes to sleep 😴.

Docker Hub has an arm32v7/irssi Docker image for the Raspberry Pi. There is also an example how to run this image. I adapted it a bit because I want to write the config file on my Raspberry Pi (and the log files as well).

docker run -it --name irssi -e TERM -u $(id -u):$(id -g) \
    --log-driver=none \
    -v $HOME/.irssi:/home/user/.irssi \
    -v /etc/localtime:/etc/localtime:ro \

Now I’m online …