Lockdown Tip — Nurikabe Puzzle

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Nurikabe is a binary determination puzzle named for Nurikabe, an invisible wall in Japanese folklore that blocks roads and delays foot travel. — Wikipedia: Nurikabe Puzzle

The advantage of home office is that you can sort out old documents and magazine during a conference call that you have wanted to sort out for a long time. I have collected a lot of waste paper, from which the most important thing that exists at the moment can be made: toilet paper 🧻 - I’m joking.

old documents

Nurikabe puzzle from 2007

In these documents I found a piece of paper on which I had printed a Nurikabe puzzle. The copyright is from 2007, I don’t know if there was an online version back then, but there is one today: puzzle-nurikabe.com

The rules are simple and you can read them at Wikipedia:

  • the numbers represent the number of white squares
  • the black fields must be connected
  • there must be no black 2x2 fields

More puzzles

The Nurikabe puzzle was not the only piece of paper I had:

Have fun and stay save.